Hand Made Soaps that work as hard as you do!


Hand Made Soaps

For the past two weekends I have gone to a farmer’s market with the Bunny and have gotten handmade soaps.  Now, generally, I don’t like hand made soaps because, while they smell pretty, I don’t feel clean after I use them.  They tend to have lots of moisturizers in them, which is great if you have dry skin, but I don’t, and the soaps tend to be soft and fall apart.

But not these soaps.  These soaps (which you can get at abundantlyaromatic.com) smell great, are hard, and make me feel clean.  I LOVE them.  And they have sandalwood scent and sage scent, both of which I love.  There is also lavender, french market, and lemon grass, just to name a few.

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